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RoboCon 2020 UPDATE!

We are sure you have seen countless emails and updates pertaining to the current state of affairs that the world is in. We won’t rehash all of that for you here, instead we will just get to the question of our plans for 2020. The Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky did provide us the option to either cancel or reschedule RoboCon. After weighing all of the factors, considering where things are now, where our state officials are hoping they will be over the next few months, procedures in place, and speaking with our vendors, we have decided to reschedule the show for the weekend of July 24-25, 2020. So yes, we are still planning on having our show this summer!

The first question some of you will ask is why are you having a show when other shows are canceling? Simply put, our show is not structured like other shows. We have an opportunity at the Galt House to still hold a show that can take into consideration current procedures such as social distancing, limited numbers of attendees in any one place, a focus on keeping areas disinfected, and implementing other measures to make sure things line up with what people expect when they travel to an event.

The next question may be what if I do not feel safe attending a show this summer? If you have already registered for the show, we are offering either a full refund or the option to convert your package to a non-attending package. This will allow you to still receive the convention edition of the BotCon Legacy book, the Convention T-shirt, the badge and lanyard, and a variety of other free items that we are now including in all current and future registrations. Please note. If for whatever reason the July 24-25 dates are canceled, any registration placed on or after May 6th will be automatically converted to a non-attending package.

That brings up a good question as well. Why July 24 and 25th and not this fall or next spring? We are aware there is still uncertainty in this. The one thing we do feel confident about though is that if we are going to hold a show at any time between now and next May, this summer would be the best time. We feel that holding the show any later in the year would not have been feasible from a safety standpoint. Our goal is to avoid the times of year where we may not be able to hold any events outside, where the weather is colder, anytime that is anywhere near flu season. As the goal has been to slow the spread of this virus, we want to make sure the show is at a time when that is the most likely to be effective.

Finally, our state of Kentucky, our governor Andy Beshear, has done an outstanding job tackling this issue from the very beginning. We were one of the first states to impose travel restrictions and a shelter in place order. We are in the process of re-opening small businesses, restaurants, and the rest of our great state. If by July you feel comfortable going to the grocery store, going to the shopping mall, going out to a restaurant for dinner, then we will do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable attending Robocon 2020!

We are happy to take any questions, comments, and/or concerns. We just ask that everyone be respectful and remember that we are all in this together.

Please visit to see the current Robocon 2020 registration packages. We look forward to seeing everyone for a safe and fun RoboCon 2020 this July 24-25 at the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky.

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