Redman © Tsuburaya Productions

He is Redman, the Kaiju Hunter...


Trapped in a desolate and yet somehow familiar world populated with an vast array of the ferocious beasts known as "Kaiju," Redman continues his endless Red Fight, battling tirelessly to cull the monsters. With each fierce battle, the mysterious, blood-splattered "hero" sinks closer to his prey, ready to strike. This while a sinister form watches and records his every move... 

The original Redman television series from Tsuburaya Productions debuted April 24, 1972. It ran for 138 episodes, ending in October of the same year. Its penchant for unusual treatment of its main hero as well as for the creatures he dispatched each episode led to the show finding status as a cult hit and internet phenomenon. Now artist Matt Frank (Godzilla, Transformers) and colorist Gonçalo Lopes (Bio Wars, Dodge City) bring the tokusatsu hero back to life in the pages of a new comic series and no kaiju is safe!

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